Phot Phun Challenge- Apple
I'm going for the simple.. Plain old apples to eat.. Not computers or albums or anything fancy at all. We just like to eat them! The Macintosh is one of our favorites.. At least twice a week my Rick will cut one up into slices and we will share.. Well, I take the largest slice and usually leave him the rest. Especially depending on the time of year. Sometimes they just aren't as flavorful as others. Then of course, there's baking an apple pie.. It's got to be the easiest pie in the world to make.. And I must always bake one in the fall! Its the weather change. I love the way it makes the house smell.. It's definitely a fall thing... I'm not a big fan of actually eating the pie. A piece or two and I usually give the rest away.. I just like the way it smells! Silly yes? Or maybe sometimes I'll make an apple crisp! Talk about delicious and easy! Just chunks of apple baked with all the seasonings and pastry crumbles all together.. Yum! That one I'll nosh on!


Mickey fez said:

I like your menu for this delicious fruit
10 years ago ( translate )

Jenny McIntyre said:

I am actually eating an apple crumble (crisp) while I read this blog!!!! I think apples are so versatile, apple sauce to go with pork or gammon, apple pie, crumble/crisp, baked apples with mixed fruit in it - the list is endless. Your apple here looks so nice and shiny.
10 years ago

Gracie replied to Jenny McIntyre:

Well now did Mick making mention of his baking one have your mouth watering? I think I'll be making a crumble soon!
10 years ago