Caught up with Max tonight. Talked to her for a bit of a while till dinner was delivered. It's illegal to cook yourself on Friday and Saturday nights in my house. So rather than go to jail one must call out or dine out... Anyway my phone rang a couple of times this evening. First while I was driving. I won't answer my phone in the car. Unless I'm just passengering of course... Then later I heard it but didn't get there fast enough. And I hadn't returned her call from NY's eve yet.. So I picked up the phone and called her tonight.. She misses everyone. Can't wait to get on again and will try soon. BUT she doesn't get why people are moving to other locations. Truthfully I haven't found Muzenews that easy to manipulate. Nor have I found it particularly welcoming. Rarely does anyone seem to respond. Other than the few there I already know from here and that not often. I've tried to comment and read blogs there.Wrote a couple of short posts and put up some pictures. Maybe I'm missing something but I'm not loving it there as some of you seem to.
Max is loving the house but hasn't found a roomy yet.. That kind of thing takes time I'm sure. You will be hearing from her soon.. She can tell you all about her "showdown" with the lady who commissioned her mural but wouldn't finish paying... Brought the Dragon out in Max for sure! Well enjoy the rest of the evening.. G"nite!


Mickey fez said:

Good to hear from Max she is missed. I too tried muze but it is very fiddling to change b/g etc, I like it here a lot better
10 years ago

Jenny McIntyre said:

Oh oh bringing the dragon out of Max eh? Sounds fun! I like it here but have also tried Muzenews. It is slightly difficult to manoeuvre around, but it's difficult here too, especially putting pictures on here as you have to put it all in the gallery first. Still I can manage both sites so far.
10 years ago