A combination of vacation and assorted other time off from work.

I've been back to work from my little hip incident since Monday. Everything is all caught up that matters. I'm off after today till January 2ND. Tomorrow is unexpected as its due to a funeral for a first cousin of mine who died of Cancer on Tuesday. We weren't very close as she was nearly 25 years older. I'm closer with her younger siblings.

Then the company gave us both Christmas eve and day off. I took the 3 days after. The following week the company gave us NY's eve and day also. So a long vacation only charging 3 vacation days and one to bereavement. I will not be doing any work from home on this one either.. Nor will I ever again as my bosses boss Said I couldn't work from home.. He found out because someone in another department ( not mine I discovered) got wind I was working at home and got their panties in a twist! So I had to use all my own time even tho I did several hours of work at home and my immediate boss knew I was doing that. I then told my boss I will no longer be available for any work on my own time again. I've been doing minor things from home for a long time now. This was the first time I was off that I had the physical ability to do more than just answer email. Might as well take it away from me as there's no way in hell you'll get me to do that again. I don't work for free. This is a fairly common practice for people to work from home in the event they can't be here. But apparently someone else who was denied caught the ear of the VP over our department and to keep the peace told me I can't. Although I think they should have told me not to in FUTURE, but what I did this past week should have been paid as if I was in.

In any case that's now water under the bridge. The rest of my time is for Christmas fun and frolics.. My daughter is off also so we will spend time together. I'll be getting together with other friends and family throughout the week. 12 days off is practically a preview of retirement! That's not for another 3 1/2 years if nothing changes.. But oh it will be nice for this long vacation!


Stormlizard said:

It's always a bind when some jealous clown gets their knickers in a knot over what they wish they could do but can't.
The company should not expect you to have worked for free though, say not again but pay what they should for work done.

Merry Christmas Gracie.

10 years ago

Gracie replied to Stormlizard:

Exactly John.. But I'm over it. I'll just deal differently from now on.

Have a Merry Christmas!
10 years ago

Mickey fez said:

time for fun and ignore the nasty petty people,something I am doing on a full time basis now
10 years ago

Gracie replied to Mickey fez:

That is the one thing I can't get past.. Why does anyone care what another does? There's no effect to them. We don't do the same job and this other person has no clue what I really do, so what do they care? Just nasty and petty is right..
10 years ago

Jenny McIntyre said:

This is one of the times I am so happy to be retired. I don't have to put up with petty jealousies or work for nothing anymore. I had a lot of that when I was working, but not now - my time is my own. You just have a wonderful rest and a holiday with your family and have fun. xx
10 years ago