Am I bored?
No time for boredom.
A neighbour once asked me if I get fed up sitting in the garden photographing the same birds time after time. I told him it was no different from a angler going fishing weekend after weekend catching the same fish. It's not how many photographs I can take, I enjoy just sitting there waiting for the oppotunity much like the angler sits and waits for a fish to take the bait. The icing on the cake is when something different turns up either for me or the Angler. Do I get bored from doing this? If I am relaxing then I am not getting bored, if I was bored I would pack up and do something else.


Kenny said:

I agree with you Maurice, how can one get bored by something he enjoys..
Photography is a great hobby, whether at home or out and about..
4 months ago

Stormlizard said:

Well written and very true Marice.

Especially the bit about 'When something special or out of the ordinanry turns up'.
4 months ago

Frank J Casella said:

Good comparison. I think boredom today is sitting on social media with thumbing through the feed. You see more just in your own back yard. I too have an album just for that topic. Do you think your words and example are inspiring your neighbor?
4 months ago

HappySnapper replied to Frank J Casella:

Hello Frank and thanks for the response, My neighbour still has some working life left and prefers life in the fast lane, he appears to have no time for hobbies or pastimes, whereas I retired 8 years ago. I think he has to grasp the reality of living as a retired person, I personally love life in the slow lane and in general happy and content.
4 months ago

Colin Ashcroft said:

You are obviously not bored and just as obviously enjoying what you do.
4 months ago

Sarah O' said:

Maurice, Ive just seen this article of yours. !! I SOOOO agree with you. With a great family, such sweet grand Children, loving gardening, pretty flowers and all that makes up HOME. wonderful friends, HOW and WHY would I find time to be bored, Im so happy at this time of my life, and YES part of that is spending time with my camera also.
3 months ago