Time Out
Spending to much time looking at a computer screen.
Here is a little tip, following a consultation with my GP who suggested to me that I may be spending to much time sitting in front of a computer screen, He suggested maximum of 30 minutes before taking a break. After trying different ways of setting computer reminders to take a break I remembered a little matchbox sized timer in one of the kitchen draws. Setting this up to 30 minutes it sits by the computer where I can easily activate it with a push of a button and after the 30 minutes an alarm sounds and I put the computer to sleep for a further half hour or so.
It works!!! after a week my constant headache has all but gone and the neck muscles are very much relaxed.


Colin Ashcroft said:

A great idea. I am feeling much better in recent days after giving up on a number of social media accounts over the last month and also reducing use of those I am still using, Setting a timer is something I haven't done but will now.
I am even reading real books :-)
3 months ago

Stormlizard said:

An excellent solution Maurice, many would benefit from the same system regarding TV.
3 months ago

Jean said:

I used a kitchen timer to make myself get off the sofa and move when my arthritis pain was at its worst. I think I'll start using it again as I've got into bad habits with my ipad. Thanks for the tip.
6 weeks ago

HappySnapper replied to Jean:

Another little tip Jean, I take one of my Blood pressure tablets after our evening meal, I tend to forget this one more than most so I have set an alarm on my mobile phone to buzz at 7pm every evening. So far haven't missed a tablet since.
4 weeks ago