if you could only see what I feel with my eyes...

I´m back from our trip!

it was good, nice, pretty... needed! there are photos, but I didn´t post them yet. luego... I posted some other things that I had from before the trip, enjoy.

I´m back to work, and back in trouble... had a little conversation with the manager in the other restaurant. noone likes him, and I was getting along fine with him until he started with his routine with me. so I told him to leave the kitchen. he didn´t know what to say, so left. he then called Roberto (another manager), Ramsy (the cook from Allura), and Jota (My boss), and probably his mom... to complain about me and say that he didn´t want me to work there anymore! Jota disagreed, and said that him story seemed exagerated, and later when I got to talk to him, he found out it was. I´m working there tomorrow... it seems that I have to call Alberto (the owner) so that I can have a talk about his manager before he calls to have a talk about me. I have some dirt... and people there like me, so I think that things should be just fine. I can´t wait for september!

anyway, I´ll get some vacations photos up soon! I hope that all is well with all of you!