when a boy writes off the world its done in sloppy mispelled words, when a girl writes off the world its done in cursive...

I´ve done a little posting but not much writing... things are good. I´m here, grinding it out a bit. I´m a little tired, I think that I may take that siesta today before heading back to work.

things were a little intresting the past few days at work. the chef talks to me like I´m in charge when he´s not there, but noone listens to the things that need to get done. I´m not saying that things don´t get done. I just mean that the people do what they want. then Jota comes in and asks me what happened like its my fault. I took a minute to remind him last night that I´m just a cook. he got bold and told me not to be scared, so I told him that its not my nerves, its the pay. when he pushed the subject I told hime that Alberto asked me if I had papers yet... yeah, he´s the guy that said he would help me get them when I started, then told me that he couldn´t. more correctly, I think that he just didn´t want to. Jota, was like, and I quote, ¨mas tonto que yo¨. he´s dumber than me... to which I responded yeah, and he went on to tell me that if I´m here long enough I can file for papers without an employer. I told him that I knew that and come september, I only have to wait another 2 years. thanks, now can you leave I´m trying to cook. this all came about again because Jota is trying to get me the position but Alberto doesn´t wake a segundo without papers. Today has been a little more of the same... my other option is to hold out til after my vacation and look for someplace else that wants to hire me and help me get those papers I want. after all, its not about having the papers to work, its having them so that I can get on a plane without the fear of fines and other problems. actually, if I were to tell you that I could get on a plane to Barcelona for 100€ round trip and then tell you that trip by train costs me double, maybe my point is better made and I didn´t even leave the country. I get a month vacation and I have to figure out where in Spain would be nice, which isn´t so bad but I´d like to see a bit more of europe and I know that Janire would like to see someplace a little different too.


I´m done for now I think. time to head home and put those stamps I bought to use...


Hasta Luego,               Matthew