we are the music makers and we are the dreamers of the dreams...

well, the latest batch is up for all to see.

I want to write. but I need to get out of here... I was talking to my mom and uploading and I still haven´t written the email to Lindsay! I´ve been here 4 hours. when I can write from home I´ll be better off.

I have to move some files too... but its going to wait. its nice out and the sun is going to go down on my day off soon.

I have 10% of my limit left. lets see what it hold for another day.

I´ll write that email to you soon Linds, maybe tomorrow with Janire between work. Maria I´ve written you about 5 I´ll write you soons, Sorry. I´m a bit of a mess. Jarod, thanks for that message... time doesn´t stop so try and write me again before its been another 3 months.

Hasta ahorra!      Matthew