I´m waiting for a follow up line, there usually always is to statements like " I wanna show you something... "

I mean its been a while... I don't even know how the time passes so fast sometimes. it just keeps spinning, I guess.

things are good though... I mean "hay crisis" but thats everywhere. I'm lucky enough to be working and things are going good there too. if you are in the neighborhood drop by, its called Moncalvillo. they call it a bistrot, I'm not so sure. the food is good, fresh as the day, and simple. spanish stuff with some french influences. the place is small, so I guess the close tables are a little like Paris too...

Jani is on a trip this week so I'm a little bored... not only for the fact that she is gone, but that she took cameras with her too. I guess that leaves more time for uploading the stuff that I have. look for it soon...

I'd like to thank everyone slightly in advance... my stream is a couple hundred short of 20,000 and I think that thats incredible. its much appreciated! I hope that I have given you at least one thing that you have enjoyed.

I'm off for now... back again soon(er), Matthew