Right wing coup in Bolivia
Look at this tragic update about the right wing coup in Bolivia, backed by US government. All the huge achievements and successes under Morales are in danger. Military and police are allowed to shoot, to murder peaceful protesters. This is a repetition of other right coups supported by the US government and CIA. Terrible, terrible. Poor bolivian people!



Tanja - Loughcrew said:

Ich geb nicht gerne meinen Senf zu politischen Dingen aber ich bin froh darüber, dass Du Stimmen bringst, die es uns vor Augen halten...
10 months ago ( translate )

Berny replied to Tanja - Loughcrew:

Gib nur dazu Deinen Senf! Dieses Thema wird bei uns in den Medien fast ignoriert und wenn, dann immer sehr biased dargestellt.
10 months ago ( translate )

Tanja - Loughcrew replied to :

Ich hab mir das hier abgewöhnt...das kann zu Diskussionen führen, die das eigentlich Thema komplett abhängen...aber wie gesagt, ich bin froh, dass Du uns hier manchmal wach hältst!
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dolores666 said:

It's not the first. And it won't be the last.
And the indentured media will keep on ignoring it, or worse, siding with and even praising the powers behind the coup and their appointed puppets.
As I've said before (many times) a right-wing political mafia will get away with murder as long as they tow the American-issued line. A left-leaning government is never allowed to last. One single mistake and in come the CIA and its minions down like a ton of bricks. And the sheep in the slave media all say Amen. And all call it democracy. I'd call it demockcrazy...
Hypocrisy is endless, unlike good will, reason and tolerance.
Oh, well...
Thanks for keeping the subject alive, Berny. Not many people here (or anywhere else for that matter) seem to be even vaguely interested.
10 months ago

Berny replied to dolores666:

Thank you. You are right 100%.
10 months ago

Diana Australis said:

And they are still shooting indigenous Bolivians. It is a coup with a government of the same style as that right wing Pentecostal lunatic Bolsonaro in Brazil. He is also authorising killing indigenous people in order to burn and clear huge areas of the Amazon.
And Chile is almost being thrown back to the Pinochet era.
It is all very sad...South America.
9 months ago

Berny replied to Diana Australis:

Thank you for your comment, Diana!
9 months ago