If you are interested, what's really going on in Bolivia, was the recent election fraud or not, how is the situation in Bolivia after Morales is president since 2006, watch this video on Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeNNgCeCndc.

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dolores666 said:

Thanks for the link Berny . I'll watch the video tomorrow. I doubt it'll tell me much that I already didn't know, though. The moment I realized that the accusations of "irregularities" in the election came from the OAS I knew what was what. What I was not expecting was such a swift, brutal and dirty coup. Although I'm not surprised either. I won't bore you with details however. Tomorrow I will be uploading my take on this latest chapter of this nearly one century old USA political soap opera called Latin America Must Comply or Be Destroyed! Poor Bolivia...:-(
10 months ago