Getting lost for a reason
The pronghorn antelope is one of my favourite animals. Most of the photos I have of them are from a considerable distance, including some of their rumps, heading away. They are usually skittish, but the pronghorn in my Plants & Critters album was the exception.
In mid-April 2012 I made a side-trip into the Great Sand Hills, but missed a turnoff. I went several more kilometres before I realized I was, while not technically lost, far from my intended destination. As I turned my car around I saw a pronghorn standing in the field, very close to the road. I carefully mounted my best telephoto lens to my camera and slowly got out of the car. Rather than bolt away, this fellow stood still and looked at me. I looked back, and then began composing and taking images as fast as I could. This went on for about five minutes, (it may have more or less than that) at which point the pronghorn began trotting parallel to the road. I got into the car, and drove slowly along, stopping again ahead of the pronghorn, who halted again for a few moments, as though posing for me one more time. Finally, he (or she) made an odd calling sound (almost like a crow) and trotted away through the field.
It was one of those magical, satisfying events that happen quite by chance, for if I hadn't got "lost" I wouldn't have encountered this lovely animal.