IMA : Newsflash - 2020 - 09 - 25
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Dear members and friends of ipernity,

1) In technical and economic terms, we have achieved a lot since we have managed ipernity ourselves. Now is the time to make this great progress public in order to attract new club members because the stock of registered accounts is exhausted:


[a] Non-renewal of 2-year subscriptions which ipernity S.A. had offered as a special offer in 2016.
[b] Compensation by a return offer which was accepted by 151 former members.
[c] Non-renewal by 88 returnees. Currently only 63 retournees are still active (42%).
[d] Campaign targeting 228 former members. Of these, only 42 have been won back (18%).
[e] Loss of Esperanto members and those who had used ipernity only as a cheap cloud.
[f] Covid 19 pandemic.
[g] Multi-year reprogramming subscriptions (participation of 90 club members).
[h] Regular multi-year subscriptions (participation of 179 additional club members to date).

2) Contrary to expectations, the introduction of the new basic accounts had no positive impact on membership development. Efforts to mobilise guest account holders have also been unsuccessful. On the other hand, we are very pleased with the trust that 269 members have expressed by making multi-year subscriptions.

3) In order to secure ipernity's continued existence, we now need to get photo enthusiasts from outside interested in our club. In doing so, we can focus on a major disadvantage of our community: ipernity is far too little known. Our chance for the future lies in changing this.

4) As a community of volunteers, we can only do this together. As with crowdfunding at the beginning of 2017, the commitment of very many is needed to develop the necessary presence at all possible levels.

5) Even if you do not know how you can help exactly, please participate in the discussions on this topic.

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Please also ask your ipernity friends who may not be reading this newsflash for support.

Your ima team

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Thank You !