IMA NEWSFLASH : 12th October 2018
The full article in [FR] and [DE] is here ... www.ipernity.com/blog/team/4710588

Dear members and friends of ipernity!

1. Pam's recovery is gradually progressing. Periodical information can be found at Clickity Click www.ipernity.com/home/christine.bentley.

2. On Monday, Oct. 15. 2018, our returnee offer ends. So far it has been accepted by 139 users. More than 277,500 documents are now publicly visible again. The additional contribution margin is 3,543 EUR. Less the mailing costs and the cost reduction missed during the three-and-a-half-month offer phase, 1,213 EUR of this amount is budget-increasing in 2018.

3. This pleasing result partially compensates for the discovery of dead accounts in July. (Many abandoned two-year subscriptions from the period before the closure announcement were still mistakenly listed in the database.) The current number of paying club members is 1,306.

4. Unfortunately, there is no scope of discount to the most loyal members in the near future although, if members successfully recruit others, this may change. But at the moment we have to keep the budget carefully together in order to be able to make new adjustments to the website (see below). However, the ongoing operation is in no way compromised.

5. For a few days now, logging in via Facebook has no longer been possible because Facebook has tightened security requirements. We are currently investigating the extent to which these new requirements can be met. Since it cannot be ruled out that Facebook will next also tighten the regulations for sharing content, we also have to take precautions or set aside reserves for this.

6. It is therefore a good thing that we are now able to implement the cost-cutting program announced in the summer. As a result, we will be returning around 20 terabytes of storage volume, which was occupied by invisible files and accumulated data garbage from 10 years of operation, to the Amazon Web Service. This will reduce the operating costs by around 7,350 EUR in 2019.

7. The deletion of the data is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2018. As this is a large and sensitive operation and some other necessary maintenance work is to be carried out on this occasion, we will take the website off the net early that morning. It is not possible to estimate how many hours will be required for the work. We ask for your understanding and patience. After this operation, ipernity will be operational again with the same range of services but lower costs".

Your ima team


Peggy C said:

Thanks .. especially for the heads-up on Wednesday, Oct 24, 2018 !
5 years ago

Stormlizard said:

Thank you for keeping us informed, I have marked my calender as Iper offlone talk skype friends into joining Iper 24 10
5 years ago