New Opportunity for Ipernity?
A disastrous migration of Flickr to a new platform initiated by the new owner, SmugMug, is wrought with problems and has many Flickr users fuming. Could this be an opportunity for Ipernity to demonstrate that it's platform is a kinder, more gentle site? Is there a way to introduce Ipernity to a potential new set of user/members?


StoneRoad2013 said:

I can't get into my a/c at the place ...

However, I suppose you could make a few comments in the "help forum" or message people having difficulties ...
4 years ago

Scott Holcomb replied to StoneRoad2013:

If you go to the Flickr help forum as I did, you will see a lot of upset members with legitimate complaints and zero response from the administrators. I have added, "There are options . . . Ipernity.com", on several of the threads.
4 years ago

StoneRoad2013 replied to :

Thanks for that
4 years ago

Marta Wojtkowska said:

I am observing what is going there and I am enjoying myself immensely ;)
Well, obviously I am genuinely sorry for all frustrated flickerties
but I can't help giggle when I stumble on their staff's announcements and assertions :)

Maybe the whole thing is a new opportunity for Ipernity.
Just as it was in 2013.
But they seem to be extremely allergic to any mention of Ipernity there.
Or maybe they are allergic to me mentioning it.
Either way, one has to be careful there.
Free speech is regulated when fake news surmount... ;)
4 years ago