California: first album from 'Fli...'
USA - California, Death Valley National Park I still had (and have) a lot of pictures on 'Fli...', which I didn't upload to 'Ipernity'. Lack of time and a little bit of fear caused that I didn't use the special tool. But today I decided to use this method and I really have to say that it is an easy way to import your 'Fli...' photos to an Ipernity account.

I started with my California album and hope to add more tn the coming months.
Hope you will enjoy my pictures: www.ipernity.com/doc/294067/album/772368


Laurie Lane said:

I used the importer and also found it worked very well
3 years ago

Clint said:

I used the importer for something like 6,000 photos when I first came over and generally thought it did a good job. Over time, I discovered that it dropped about 4 or 5 photos out of every hundred, though, and I had to go through a process to find what I'd lost. But in the end, I think it was worth it.
3 years ago

Jaap van 't Veen replied to Clint:

Thank you for your 'warning' about missing pictures. I have checked my newest album and it seems OK.
3 years ago

Laurie Lane said:

I think it dropped 2 of my images in different albums but picked them up when I tried again a few days later.
3 years ago

cp_u said:

I cannot comment the fotos of this album; do you know why?
2 years ago

Jaap van 't Veen replied to cp_u:

My account settings are the same as always. Never had this 'problem' before.
2 years ago

Monikita Nipone said:

Same problem. I could not comment so I marked some favorites. I've lived in California for 4 years and your album reminded me those beautiful places. Not everybody travelling there knows Empire Mine...
9 days ago