'My First Article' (original title me thinks!)
I have been taking photos since the late 1960’s. In the 1970’s I was persuaded to join the Aylesbury Police Camera Club. Not that I was a policeman! The Club was open to other professions and I worked for Buckinghamshire County Council. APCC later became Stoke Mandeville Hospital Camera Club. I guess it was not just seeing other peoples work but receiving, in the most part, constructive criticism from judges that helped me improve my photography. To the point, on a good day, of being pleased with maybe two or even three shots from a 35mm 36-exposure film :-) Then, some long time back I pretty much lost interest in photography. That is until I met up with some ‘olde’ club members and this meeting combined with me finding out how digital was changing things gave me a fresh interest in photography. Then, in 2010 I met a photographer in Oxford and he mentioned sharing photos; in particular by using Flickr. I had not heard of Flickr but following this conversation I joined Flickr in September 2010. It was like a breath of fresh air. I found so much inspiration from the photos on Flickr and from building up many great contacts. Then, back in May 2013 it all went ‘orribly wrong!! I believe improvements can always be made to systems but what on earth Flickr staff were thinking with the major changes they inflicted upon unsuspecting users I still cannot work out!! Anyway, thankfully, there has been a silver lining and that, of course, is ipernity! I have already found that ipernity is a joy to use! There are wonderful photos to be enjoyed. In a very short time I have already made great contacts here. I particularly love the home page layout. So simple yet such an effective way of presenting a taster of a members’ work.

I am keeping my Flickr account going and that is because I don't want to lose my great contacts there!

Note to ipernity staff “please, please, please don’t make drastic changes to your system because it already works so beautifully.”


beverley said:

o0o I agree with everything you have said abourt flickr. The sad thing is leaving our flickr
friends behind as it becomes harder and harder to return. Ipernity is so user friendly and
going back to flickr seems cumbersome and slow. I am sure more and more will take the
step here and join us ... I do hope so. Having said that I agree with you its hard to totally
cut off and have at the moment kept mine live on flickr too. But sadly many are hoping
that there will be a change of heart. I doubt it and someone mentioned that there had
been a big security breach about five days ago now ... flickr did not inform any of us, but
left it to be brought up in the forum thread and then acknowledged it. Thats not good
customer relations at all. And so you have been in photography for some time really
and will have no doubt in the 60's used film of course and now digital. Ah progress ;-)
I thought I would never wish to embrace digital and loved film ... still do in many ways,
but the age of digital has arrived and it gives us the freedom to take many more pictures
and delete what we do not want to keep ... but do we ? :) I think I must be a squirrel.

I echo your request to ipernity staff ... please do not change anything, its such a breath
of fresh air to be here ... like walking into a freshly decorated room ... clean white walls
and agree with you Roger, the home page is perfect. So is uploading too ... and quick,
and thanks for bringing so many people together ~ I hope the futures bright as they say !

Well written Roger ... many will share your feelings I am sure. o0o
10 years ago

David Michael said:

Yes indeed!
10 years ago ( translate )