Help from Ipernites
www.ipernity.com/blog/290645/502657 Janet's instructions on how to put a pic in a pic!

www.ipernity.com/blog/brunosuignard/470373 Bruno's instructions on how to add music to a photo.

Translation of Bruno's instructions is as follows,

to choose music go to www.deezer.com (it's free) and pick your song/track. On the top toolbar is a share button. Click on it and the share code will come up in the box.

In the description area of your photograph copy the code on Bruno's page in the link above. There are 3 places in the code where you can see idSong=3088724 . You then go back to deezer and copy the number at the end of the share code of your song, and paste it instead of the number in Bruno's code. Et Voila! You have an automatically playing song to accompany your photo. Thanks Bruno.

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Janet Brien said:

Sadly, if you live in the USA, deezer is not available. I'm sure it has everything to do with Apple's itunes but maybe there is a workaround somebody knows about! :)
8 years ago