New Year!!
Unfortunately it was not a happy starting for us in Istanbul .
Another terrorist attack first day of 2017 in Istanbul!!
Terror is everywhere!!
Of course we still can hope that it brings peace for our nations and for the world !!!


StoneRoad2013 said:

Glad to find that you were not visiting the nightclub in question, although WHY ? echoes in my mind at these attacks.
7 years ago

gezginruh said:

Thank you for your comment.
7 years ago

Ste said:

A sad situation indeed Fusun once again for Istanbul .. let us pray it is the last

Best wishes .. Steve
7 years ago

gezginruh said:

Thank you for your kind thoughts Steve. It is nice to hear this kind of wishes in this situation.
Sharing photographs, sharing celebrations , and sharing bad days...
Best wishes
7 years ago

Peter_Private_Box said:

My Dear Füsun,

I am really sad for you, and for the nice people from Turkey.
I am sure that God will reserve the hottest part of Hell for the vermin that commit these acts.

Unfortunately it will not be the last until every one of these animals are removed from every country on the planet. Only then can we live in peace and harmony.

In the meanwhile we can share good and bad with each other on here in a true spirit of friendship.

Love Peter
7 years ago

gezginruh said:

My dear Peter,

Thank you so much ! I hope one day the peaceful days will come back...

I agree with you! Friendship means to share! good or bad...
Anyway it is only a photography platform and a racing .... Most important thing is taking a favorite for the photographs!!

Love Füsun
7 years ago