My Blogs
For those who are interested, I have three blogs in which I post a lot more pictures than I post here. If you are interested, please have a look.

The first blog highlights the tropical orchids I grow:

The second has to do with the native orchids of our area.

The third is a kind of diary of our trips and hikes in Washington and elsewhere.

And I should add that my wife has been posting her pictures on a blog as well.


Hellemor said:

WOW! You have some fantastic blogs. Beautiful and amazing orchids. Your wife is a great Photographer too :)
5 years ago

Clint said:

Very nice blogs! And from this, I found you took some wonderful photos of Turkey Run down in Indiana, among many other places. So now I have another site to absorb me.
5 years ago

Pam J said:

Beautiful !

Such a joy to look and read. Just "followed" them now...

Thankyou to you BOTH !
5 years ago

Maria Ismanah said:

Your blogs are so fantastic... I am totally amazed with alle these wonderful photographs and descriptions. Great work (and I guess a lot of work as well) you are doing there. Thanks for sharing!
5 years ago

Eve said:

Thank you for sharing what is beautiful and interesting
5 years ago