The hysteria of rural whites
If you've got the patience, you might check out this report on NBCNews.com:

"In Klamath Falls, Oregon, victory declared over antifa, which never showed up...
Towns from Washington state to Indiana have seen armed groups begin patrolling the streets after rumors spread on social media about an antifa invasion." You might find some of the reported social media rumors absurd, but that's where we are, now.

Antifa is the acronym for Anti-fascists, a loose amalgam of leftist groups, some of whom do not shy away from answering violence with violence. Here is a photo of some of my fellow Klamath Falls citizens who are "guarding" business on Main Street, with Black Lives Matter protestors - all peaceful during all nights of protest - on the other side of the street. Some have come into town from outlying areas of the county. This is an example of the seriousness of what this country faces should Trump be allowed to go full-on fascist, which he might be. It won't take much to recruit these men and hundreds of thousands more like them into a Trump Private Army. (Click photo for larger version)

200606-klamath-falls-anti-antifa-protest-ac-329p 01368626a1d161aafb227816331f268d.fit-560w Photo: Aurora Simpson


Diane Putnam said:

Hmmm, I wonder who's flooding social media with rumors like this...
23 months ago

Berny replied to Diane Putnam:

Never believed, that this idiot and his followers could lead not only the USA, but the whole world into the abyss. Thank you for posting this. I hope, but I'm not sure, that Biden is the right answer to this thread in November, Bernie would have been.
23 months ago

Diane Putnam replied to :

It's interesting how the movement against trump is building. A very interesting phenomenon! I hope it lasts. Even former Cabinet members and several military generals are speaking very strongly against him and talking about how dangerous he is. I am satisfied with Biden. Berny has a much smaller chance of beating trump, so the important thing is that he is defeated!
23 months ago

Berny replied to :

I'm with you and hope Biden will beat him. In this case, I'm sure, Trump will not accept the result and tell his people, the result would be fraud and fake. Nevertheless, I like Bernie and his thinking, read a lot about him. Would have been a chance for real change. Biden is like all democrate candidates before, he is part of the game, part of the establishment. For the US Bernie Sanders is called "far left", for us in Europe this is rather conservative ;-)
23 months ago

HappySnapper said:

I have to say I think this is Trumps ticket back into the White house. all the goings on with the Black lives Matter, the demos and the violence suits Trump down to the ground. But quietly in the background Both China and Russia are becoming one man dictatorships, when they start to kick off, the Virus and the Police brutality issues will be put to one side. Trump will win in November because he will be seen as the man that will stand up to them.
23 months ago