Dear friends, please stay!

I do not believe it is helpful to panic, escape from Ipernity, and build refugee communities on other platforms.
In order to stay in contact with each other you do not need to escape; you should better stay here where we already have this great community and these contacts.

To escape at this point is not rational: It is weakening Ipernity. And it weakens our own community. You are already about to split onto different platforms.

I am not saying above on the basis of hope or heroism. I am saying this because of the following rational:

- If the owners of Ipernity would be working on a solution of the commercial situation (and why should they not do so?) then we must assume that these discussions and negations must be highly confidential and must not be shared. To share such information publicly might even be illegal for the company and their officials.

- Whilst these potential discussions and negotiations must legally and commercially be a secret to the public we as members can only strengthen the position IP's and our own position as a community if we stay here. Escape will destroy our community and weaken IP's position.

- In the meantime we can continue to enjoy our community rather than splitting it; and we can help IP by joining Eric Desjours' constructive working group www.ipernity.com/group/2260604 "Proposals for Saving Ip" and contributing to innovative ideas. This way we will help Ipernity to have a stronger position in negotiations and we might finally help ourselves to stay together here.

- During this time we can also have constructive conversations where to move together in the worst case. This is better for our community than escaping into different directions.

Lets stay together!


Tanja - Loughcrew said:

Ich wünsche mir, daß sich jeder seine Gedanken dazu macht Claus-Peter...ich selbst hätte es nie so überzeugend schreiben können aber ich teile jeden Deiner Gedanken dazu! Danke!

Please STAY!
6 years ago ( translate )

Jaap van 't Veen said:

I'm not so optimistic as you are, but I will stay till 'the end'. !!!
6 years ago

cp_u replied to Jaap van 't Veen:

Dear Jaap, I intended to write a realistic article against the pessimism that makes people escape. :))
6 years ago

Daniela Brocca said:

Ich werde sicher bis am Ende stehen, aber in der Zwischenzeit schaue ich mich um.
6 years ago ( translate )

Sylvain Wiart said:

On Ipernity for 8 years and I 'll stay as long as possible, I'm ready to give more money or time to keep this platform alive.
But I don't want to let my pictures in the cloud and for that I 'll delete its before the end of january.
Thanks for your com.
6 years ago

Sylvain Wiart said:

If you understand french language, you can read this : all hope is not lost
6 years ago

autofantasia said:

As one of the people that has gone to the trouble of setting up "refugee communities" as you call them on other platforms I'm sorry you don't believe them to be helpful.

Perhaps that's because you've failed to appreciate why, at least in the case of the ones I've set up, they've been established.

I'm not saying anyone should quit ipernity or that they should migrate to any one site. The whole point of them is to create a forum where people can muster, look at what options are out there, and find a new home that suits each of them individually if and when ipernity closes.

If you really want to apportion blame for the "panic" then that must surely lie with Team Ipernity who have not only made this announcement, but who have failed to engage fully with the community in the past over how to secure the long term future of this site.

I believe you only joined from Panoramio recently and so weren't active here in 2015 when I wrote my open letter to the team, which sought to shine a light on the fears that many were harbouring: the so-called .

If you had been around then, you would know that this is a situation that has been brewing for a considerable time and that many people have tried and failed to work with the site owners to secure the long term future of ipernity.

So, please don't criticise people for looking at where they might go next, or for that matter for deciding that this news is the final straw as far as they are concerned.

As for Eric's group I have joined that and am happy to work and assist in any way that I can as I love ipernity and do not want it to fail, but I am also a realist and have personal experience of trying to point this sinking ship in the right direction.

Sorry if this sounds abrupt, but I found your remarks upsetting, albeit they appear to have been formed without knowing the full story.

Kind regards

6 years ago

cp_u replied to autofantasia:

Dear Paul,
I did not want to blame you or anybody else. I apologize if you felt like this and if I upset you. This was not the intent. The intent was to analyze which alternatives are most rational at this point of time. In this regard we might have different views. I respect yours.
Best regards, Claus-Peter
6 years ago

autofantasia said:

Just been published and worth a read ...

Pour vous répondre [FR]

As it says the English version will be posted tomorrow.
6 years ago

autofantasia replied to :

6 years ago ( translate )

Leon_Vienna said:

Thumb up!
6 years ago

Marko Novosel said:

Wise words Claus,little to early for this refugge ship,lets wait till the end.
And even if we wanna go right now,what is our alternative,one night i was surfing for couple of hours and didnt found anything even similar.
6 years ago

beverley said:

I read your article with interest. I am fully paid up member until next year
and will indeed stay until the end, whenever that might be. But I do have to
say that criticism to those of us for example who have set up and run many
groups here and have decided to close them down, is not a negative response
to the news last Thursday, more action to protect members whose images are
posted in groups and felt the need for them to feel secure that the site would not
be taken over by those who did not have the best interests at heart of the site.
I have done this with my groups ... to reduce the opportunities for this to happen.
Alarmist ? no .. deserting a sinking ship ? no ... just being sensible. Many have
said leave groups and photos and just let them disappear naturally if the site
closes down ... I do not believe that that is good practice. I continue to post
images and shall do until the end ... and I hope the site can be saved but
have many mixed feelings about that happening. I have to say that I agree
in part with autofantasia ... the team have not addressed offers from members
to support by way of increased subscriptions .. and the latest influx from
the closed pano site ... I do believe under the financial state of the site, then
a nominal fee should have been made to help secure the site in the interim.
It seems no one listened ... but of course if the wheels were in motion .. then
they would not listen would they ?
6 years ago

Daniela said:

Hello, Claus-Peter !

J'ai lu attentivement votre texte... Conclusion : vous avez parfaitement raison. Il ne faut pas partir en abandonnant le bateau qui prend l'eau. Déjà il y a des groupes qui se forment pour essayer de fédérer et mettre en commun les suggestions de chacun, cartes sur table. Je n'en citerai que deux tout récents, auxquels je me suis inscrite, bien entendu :

Carnets d'adresses :

Propositions pour la sauvegarde :
6 years ago ( translate )

Christel Ehretsmann said:

I'm in with you...
6 years ago