Global pandemic
Today marks a year since the WHO, World Health Organization, declared Covid19 a pandemic. Since than there have been over 116 million cases and 2.5 million deaths across the globe. Some good news is 150 million vaccine doses have been given. There may be light at the end of the tunnel.

This morning, at the end of our daily walk, we were so happy to see that our local cafe in the village, Cafe XI, was open to serve takeaway drinks, fresh bread and milk and a limited number of other groceries. This is the first time in almost 3 months, and we thoroughly enjoyed our cappuccino while sitting outside on our patio enjoying some spring sunsine between the showers.


StoneRoad2013 said:

Pleased to read that !

A few more hours (just under the full day) and I will have served the three weeks from my first vaccination, but I will still be observing the precautions of Hands : Face : Space, but with a lesser degree of paranoia than before ...

As yet, I don't think enough have been vaccinated here, to risk widely re-opening society & the economy.
2 years ago

Amelia replied to StoneRoad2013:

I had my first jab at the end of January and don't expect the second one until the end of April. We still keep to the hands Face Space rules, but feel a bit more confident. We are not in any 'bubbles'.
2 years ago

Rrrolf said:

I am happy to read, Amelia, that you are still safe and healthy. I have been in self-isolation for a year now, as much as it has always been possible. Except for doctor's visits and short walks, I have practically not left the property. My son does the shopping for us and brings it (contactless) into the house. Unfortunately, the number of infections in Germany goes up and down again and again. Every experiment with the openings is punished by the virus a short time later with higher infection rates. Unfortunately, we are not making as much progress with vaccinations as we had hoped and I will have to wait at least another month or two until it's my turn. All the best for you !
2 years ago

Colin Ashcroft said:

Good to read something positive, anything positive is most welcome.
2 years ago

Keith Burton said:

The news from Europe is not good...........especially from Italy. There's talk of a third wave of the pandemic!

We've had our first vaccinations........and the second ones are due on the 11th May. We do feel a little safer, but are still not taking any chances.

Stay safe Amelia.
2 years ago

Isisbridge said:

No light at the end of this tunnel, I'm afraid.
They're already planning the next one.
5 months ago